Reality crumbled when he met her.

Control snapped when he touched her.

Wrath came when he lost her.

Chaser Valdez spent years trying to forget the runaway who broke into his dive bar and crushed his steel heart. Now she’s back. Now she needs him. And now there’s more to Jovie Milligan than innocence and chaos.

The Grind, where sin finds absolution at the bottom of a shot glass, is the only home Jovie knows. Chaser’s protection is the only safety she can trust. But their pain is the kind that doesn’t heal. Their guilt is a brand that can’t be erased.

Theirs is a love that demands sacrifice. And this time there’s more at stake than reality, control, and wrath…



publication: TBA


Sebastian Abraham rose to invincible glory in the most elite boardrooms of New York. He fell like a house of blood-stained cards in the city’s underbelly. Morally bankrupt, emotionally vacant, he surrenders his days to backbreaking stonemasonry work and his nights to chasing the dark. When he opens his house to one woman and his life to another, he can’t resist the constant craving for Delia’s vices and Hope’s virtues.

Delia Merritt sacrificed the unspeakable to get an education. Now she’s on the brink of a law degree…and on the edge of losing herself. For Seb, she’s the easygoing roommate. For Hope, she’s the best friend. But for her, they are everything. Kisses taste like euphoria. Naked touches feel like gravity. A bed flavored with the secrets of three damaged people is where Delia belongs—but hers are the kind that wound, break, and could shatter them all.



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